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Last Diary Update: am still alive! should i post more and update my site? anyone care? ~ 24th May 2023 (WHAT?!)

This is me!

Hi! My name is Paradise Skies and this is my website~! I'm a student from Ponyville who is currently studying computing for ponies at university in the United Kingdom on Earth!

I mainly made this site so I can...

  • Show people my sweater collection!
  • Talk about my university projects!
  • Show people things I have created!
  • Keep a diary about the goings on in my life!

Welcome to my Website!

Thanks for visiting my webpage! My site is kinda messy and SUPER outdated looking, but I did initially knock it together like 10 years ago when I was really young and first getting into web development ;-; Tis both a product of 1990's Earth internet, and a product of 2010's Equestrian internet at the same time!

I'll maybe get around to updating it with something less "GAAAH MY EYES!" looking some day, but for the time being I'm super busy with uni so I'll probably have to keep it as is for the time being (sorry ;_;).

UPDATE!: So, here's the thing.. I started work on a new website layout and was ready to roll it out... But then I couldn't bring myself to do it ;-; I didn't realise it, but I've really grown attached to my little webpage over the years and changing it now felt.. Well.. Weird? I dunno :( Sorry for the broken promise of replacing it with something more modern but I'm keepin' it web 1.0, interpals!

If you want to check out some of the different pages on my site, you can look at the links down below! :3 VVVVVVVVV

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