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My Projects!

Welcome to my projects page :3 the stuff on here is usually whatever I've been working on at uni, but occasionally I just dump things I've drawn or stuff I want to make. There's not a lot here atm because I recently cleared out all of the dumb stuff I made as a kid years ago ;-; There will be better downloads soon!


~ Download The Paradise Park Website Layout! ~

Papers (More To Be Added!)

*No downloads for these yet because I'm still doing my degree :'3 maybe when I finish I'll upload these for public viewing.

~ A study on the evolution of web design ~

~ Opsec 101: Why abc123 probably isn't the best password idea ~

~ The history of EISP's (Equestrian ISP's) ~

~ (More to be added!) ~

Random Ideas!

~ 28/01/2021: A website like Github but for magic users instead of programmers to share FOSS-style spells and stuff. (Maybe Anon could help with this on the UI side..? Note to self to ask him :'3)~

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