Paradise Park ~*

My Place in Cyberspace! ^-^

My Favourite Places Online
/cgl/ ~ 4chan's cosplay board
/g/ ~ 4chan's tech board
Etsy ~ Great place to find sweaters and sweatshirts :3
EBay ~ See above :'3 Ebay is great for buyers but sucks for sellers. Sometimes good bargains can be had here.
Depop ~ See above (again)... This one is ehhh... hit and miss. Lots of first-time buyers/sellers, but there can be some great bargains here if you don't mind taking a chance on things.
National Geographic Animal Facts ~ Lots of facts about animals nwn
Newgrounds ~ Lots of animations from the early days of the internet on Earth.
Neocities ~ Very very very very very veeeeeeery good free webhost (thank you :'3(\)
Stepmania ~ Awesome rhythm game that is kept going by a team of super cool people ^-^ (4 fast hooves/fingers only)

More to be added eventually...?

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