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My Sweater Collection & Sweaters I Want To Buy :3

Welcome to my sweater collection page! I made this page to keep a note of which sweaters and sweatshirts I have in my collection and which ones I would like to add to my collection ^-^ sweaters are one of my biggest hobbies, and I would really like to write up a care-guide for wool sweaters eventually to save people from the mistakes I made when first getting into collecting them (;_; I shrunk a few and snagged several more on door handles, plz no buli).

(p.s this page is SUUUUUUPER DUPER LONG! Sorry about that! I'll maybe improve it one day!)

My Sweaters & Sweatshirts

These are some of the sweaters and sweatshirts that are currently in my collection (not including stuff for sale/trade). Not everything I have is listed here, just some of my personal favourites that I think others might like to see too! nwn

under construction!

(Note: This page is literally brand new so it will take a while before I get everything added to it which is why lots of my stuff isnt listed here yet!)


U.S.P.P Hooded Zip-Up Sweatshirt (has little tortoises on it :3)

dog :3

U.S.P.P Pull-over with a dog graphic on it :3 one of my first Etsy buys!


U.S.P.P Lion sweatshirt! Anon got me this one for our first Christmas together ^-^ really cosy sweatshirt that I really enjoy wearing.

Wishlist/Stuff I Wanna Find

The stuff in this list is not a part of my collection (yet!!! :'3) ~ If you have any of these, let me know on my guestbook and we can maybe work out a deal privately through email and I'll maybe be able to buy it/them from you ^-^!


Sydney Olympics Knitted Hoodie (it looks so cosy ;-; the drawstrings are what really made me want this one. It's super hard to find though.)


U.S.P.P Sweater-Dress with monkeys on it! Would really really like this one as I need more dresses in my collection :'3


U.S.P.P Sweatshirt with penguin design nwn


U.S.P.P Sweatshirt with lions design! I actually have the red version of this but I'd kinda like the black one to match it too :3c

For Sale/Trade

See something you like? Maybe we can trade or work out a deal :3 I really like all of my sweatshirts, but sometimes I have to sell one or two to make room in my collection for something new ;-; I wish I could just have a pocket dimension to keep them all in instead, but until I find one then this is kind of a must.

Nothing for sale at the moment! Check back later!

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