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thanks for the nice messages in my guestbook! i still read them all ^_^ ~ 11th Dec 2023

ok, ok, ok i get it, i haven't updated my site in like.. forever. leave it with me, i might have an idea.. STAY TUNED!!!

am still alive! should i post more and update my site? anyone care? ~ 24th May 2023 (WHAT?!)

its been forever since i last posted an update, but i noticed someone called Q.Xi posted in my guestbook asking if i was still alive.. n i am! just been busy w/ life and whatnot. i honestly didnt know any1 still visited my site, lol.

should i start updating again? maybe itd be a good idea to redesign the page or something? what do you guys think? lmk by clicking here

and leaving me a message. i do read them all!

(;-; soz for not replying sooner btw)

AAAAH! I live!!!@!1! ~ 4th September 2022

SOOOO Sorry for lack of updates! Been super busy with some stuff ;~; maybe I'll have more to share soon?

you can leave me a guesbook msg by clicking here

if you like.


Replying to Ideas! ~ 28th March 2021

Ok! Quick diary entry before I head home from uni. This probably won't roll out onto my site until I get home, so sorry if there's a slight delay between this entry popping up and when you posted it.

So I put out a diary entry not long ago going over my struggles to think of something and I got a couple of bites! I want to reply to both of them, so here goes!

First one comes in from AchingScaphoid who posed a really interesting idea and also gave me a little feedback on my clothing-size-converter idea!

"I had a look at your latest blog post and I think the pony/human clothing size converter might be a relatively easy one in practice. User enters their measurements and species, application spits out what sizes would fit them. May take a bit of research on the back end but otherwise it should be a breeze."

That's the thing, I'm a little worried that it's a bit too simple. As soon as I gather a big enough sample-size for clothing, the project is well.. More or less done. I'd not even have to make it into an application if I didn't want to. I could just as easily make a conversion chart (which I might do anyways, btw! :3) I figured if this is for uni I should really use it as an opportunity to challenge myself and expand my skillset.

"If you'd rather do something with hardware, maybe a harness for a simple camera that lowers a human's perspective to that of a pony and/or vice versa. Bonus points if the camera moves with head tracking. BONUS bonus points if you manage to make it not look as dorky as I'm imagining it, lol."

Oh man, now that could be interesting - Hardware really isn't my strong-suit, but I could probably make something work with enough zip-ties, hot glue and cameras... I think the most immersive way to do that would be to get VR involved somehow? Would be cool to maybe hook some cameras up to one of those Boston Dynamics SPOT-bots for a project like this going forward, but I have nowhere near enough money to make something this crazy happen, so I'd be limited to essentially rigging a harness up to Anon like you said... Kinda worried about making him throw up with the whole motion tracking thing. Getting stuff like that to feel natural and seemless can be SUPER hard unless you're A) Super experienced and B) Can afford high end equipment.. I'm in neither of those categories (yet!) ~ You've also kinda' hit the nail on the head with that last bit there. A certain image floating around 4chan's /g/ board kinda springs to mind when thinking of this one which is why I'm going to have to maybe backburner this one for now. Really cool idea, though! I'd definitely like to give more hardware related stuff a try in future nwn I've been thinking about buying an old Sony AIBO model to play around with but I have other financial commitments at the mo.

Second idea comes in from Moose, and technically me.. Kinda!

"How about doing something with that github for magic users thing you mentioned on your projects page? I think that could be a really useful piece of pony technology and nobody else seems to be filling that niche at the moment. Nice website btw. I keep an eye on your blog from time to time."

So, for a little bit of context to what Moose is talking about here - I came up with a random brain-fart of an idea a while ago when I overheard some unicorns at school talking about how they wish there was an easier way to quickly share spells without digging through books and downloading expensive textbooks - It got me thinking... Why not make a sort of online "hub" for spells and magic? Kinda like Github but for magic users... I could even include a section for programmers too, as I know a lot of ponies and people alike are expressing interest in the possibilities of what could be achieved by mixing the two. Really neat stuff! Maybe I could have three sections or something? Programming, Magic, Magic/Tech? Magitech? I dunno. I'm not sure why I didn't think about this before, but this one really appeals to me. I might actually just go with this. Thanks for reminding me about something I made note of a bajillion years ago Mr Moose! Thanks for the kind words about my site too ^-^

Thanks for your feedback guys nwn I really appreciate both of you reaching out with something, and who knows? Maybe I'll do both projects at some point in the future, even if I can't use both for my project. Stay tuned for more diary posts :'D

What Should I Make For My School Assignment? ~ 28th March 2021

Okay, so I just got out of class and I'm currently sat in the cafe at my uni trying to think of what I can maybe make for this school assignment. I'm not allowed to share raw copies of my brief, but the tl;dr version is I have to create either an application, website, or other "piece of technology" for ponies specifically. I just dunno what though ;-; I thought maybe a cool thing I would use is a human-to-pony clothing size conversion tool, but it feels a little *too* niche for most people to want to use it? Maybe? Maybe not? Gaahhh just doesn't feel like the "right" idea if that makes sense? I'm leaning towards either a web-app or a downloadable application. Maybe even a phone/tablet app?

Anyone have any ideas? You can let me know on my Guestbook by clicking here and I'll try my best to respond to them while I'm drinking my coffee :3 Would also like to know if you'd prefer if I respond to you directly on my Guestbook or reply to all of the posts in one long diary entry? Just let me know what you prefer nwn

What would you guys like to see me make?

Guestbook Replies #1! ~ 10th March 2021

Decided it could be fun to do guestbook responses here in my diary for a change :3 if people prefer me replying directly on my guestbook then I'll go back to doing it that way, but for now I figured I'd give this a whirl!

"What a lovely website you have. You write with such sincerity and enthusiasm-very refreshing to see on the web these days. I'm so happy for you that you have Anon and you seem very much to love each other. I'd love to know more of the kinds of things you do together, and more of what it's like being a pony studying in the north of England (I grew up there but I've not been back in years, I really miss the pubs!)"

- Anonymous #15 | 08/03/2021, 11:50:14

Thank you so much for your kind words about my site ^-^ it's a little outdated and I kind of update it in a weird inconsistent patchy kinda way, but I try my best with it ;-; I just end up jumping from one thing to another which leaves the whole thing in a perpetual state of construction! I'll finish some of these pages some day!

nwn I'm super happy to have Anon too, and that's really sweet of you to say, Anonymous! I really do love him a lot, and it's actually led to a little bit of a complicated set of feels arising recently (see my slightly frantic last diary entry for details if you're curious ;__;) I'm not always the best at processing emotions, kek.

As for what we do together.. Lately we've both been busy studying our butts off (together, of course :3 we both study similar things and live together too, so we can often spend whole nights together just working on school junk over pizza or Chinese food!) Outside of school stuff? We bake together sometimes, go for walks in the park to see the ducks (we both like animals nwn), have drinks together or go for food together (sometimes we also get pizza and booze with friends too!) play vidya together... we do most things together, to be honest... but as soppy as it's gonna sound, my favourite thing of all things is when we're just at home together on a night time. I like spending time just cuddled up together on the couch with a blanket draped over the pair of us so I can just curl up between the back of the couch and Anons body. maximum comfy mode, engaged. It's super silly and kinda simple, but it's something we do together every night over a movie or just some background noise on YouTube. I dunno why I like it so much. I just do :'3. Long mornings just cuddled up together in bed is great, too.. Sorry if this is a bit rambly, just not sure if this answers the question very well or not and I tend to get on a bit of a role when thinking about Anon-related-thinga-majigs!

With the whole being a pony studying in the north of England thing.. I guess it's a lot like being a human studying in the north of England (mostly, anyways!)? I remember my first few months here when I was staying in the dorms.. I found that a little tricky to adjust to and get used to (anon being a great roomie helped big time), but in fairness, I didn't really have any experience with studying even back home ;-; I was a neet until coming to earth, so I kinda only have Earth studying to use as a point of reference, and my course is pony-specific so it's a bit tricky to really answer this one.. I could go into more depth about my courses but I guess that'd be a little boring :'3? I dunno. Lemme know if I can elaborate somehow specifically.

One thing I did find strange when I first got here though - I've gotten used to it now, but one thing I've noticed here is that stuff feels so much bigger than back on Equus. Even the non-pony civilisations don't even come close to the scale of Earth buildings and statues, and just.. Everything!

Super cool to have a Northerner (think that's the word?) Stumble across my site nwn! I really love this part of the UK, and I honestly feel like this is my home at this point. Your country and world in general is such a beautiful place and I'm happy to be here :'3 despite my initial spookedness about coming here originally, it's honestly the best thing that ever happened to me, and I never thought in a million years I'd find my special someone here, let alone in the first person I ever met here! Whodda' thunk it?!

Thanks for your guestbook message ^-^ I hope this answered some of what you asked ;-; sorry if it's a little long.. I kinda tend to ramble on a wee bit. Hope you're doing well wherever you are now, anonymous! If you're ever in the north again, feel free to say hi if you ever see us around! nwn

Weird Dreams and Sleeping Like Crap :( ~ 6th March 2021

Ok, so here's the thing. I figured I should probably write about this considering I have a mountain of studying to do in 4 hours and I've woke up twice tonight already after having these odd dreams. My sleep schedule is all out of whack and I dunno what to do...

I mentioned a couple of diary entries ago that I've been having dreams lately that are a little awkward and I dunno how to talk about them in detail, so I'm gonna come straight out with it without any real proofreading or editing or beating around the bush or whatever ;-;.

So, some of you already know that I've been with my special someone (Anon) for the last few years now, but lately I've been having reoccurring dreams about either asking Anon to marry me, being asked by Anon if I'll marry him, or more recently, I've been dreaming about getting married to Anon, and I'm not gonna lie.. It feels really nice and I kind of want them to be more than just dreams but I dunno what to do and just ahrhhhgh. ;_;.

I know this is super cringe and soppy, but I don't know why this is happening so much lately, and I dunno what to do. This has been going on for months now. Anyone have any ideas? I just feel at a complete loss with what I should do and how I should deal with these feelings... I really want to tell Anon, or maybe even ask him about maybe.. Y'know, I dunno how to do it though ;-; he's the best thing that has ever happened to me and waking up next to him every morning just makes me really happy and content and if I'm honest.. I really want to be with him forever.. Andbeagoodwifetohimandstufftooiguess?????? Gaahhah that's so weird to say even though it feels right at the same time. I don't know what's going on with me at the minute ;---; send help.

Plz gib advice guise. I need it now more than ever.

Holy #*&^! Over 1,000 Views?! ~ 8th February 2021

Ok, ok! So I just checked my Neocities page and noticed that over 1,100 of you have visited my site in the last month! What the heck?! Thank you so much for checking my corner of the web out! I mean, I knew people were dropping by because of guestbook entries now and then, but wow! one thousand people!

I wanna ask... What sort of stuff would you all like me to post more of? Blogs? Projects? Sweaters? Something different? I'dunno... I'm still a little shocked about having people coming to my site and I want to be able to make your guyses visit as nice as it can be :'3 let me know what you'd like to see more of over on my guestbook if you wanna!

Downtime? Never Heard Of It ;_; ~ 28th January 2021

Ello :'3 I've not done an update for a little bit but I figured I should probably get on that considering people seem to be visiting my site a bit more lately! (thank you for the guestbook entries, even to the anonymous poster who thought my site was lame ;-; ~)

I've not had much chance to work on my site or other projects all that much lately because I've been super busy with my uni stuff, and I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sleeping too much lately ;_; I'm getting maybe 3/4 hours of sleep a night and I am mega tired almost all of the time I'm awake and just don't feel like writing much unless I have to for school... I'll try to post stuffs more often though. My weird patchy sleep schedule has been giving me really weird dreams lately but I dunno how to really talk about it because it's a little weird and awkward but in a good way? I'unno. Hard to explain ;-; I'm not the best at talking about more personal/feelsy stuff sometimes. Plz No Buli(tm)

Gaah.. Maybe I should just type it up one night and throw it out there as a diary entry without reading back over it or something to avoid chickening out? I know you guys sometimes post about stuff on my site in my Guestbook to give feedback and whatnot, so maybe one of you guys would know how to help or what to make of it? I'unno. Any tips to get better sleep are appreciated in the meantime.

Expect something new soon(ish) maybe?

Merry Christmas/Hearths Warming! ~ 23rd December 2020

Merry Christmas/Hearths Warming/Happy Holidays to my friends around Earth and Equus alike! New years resolution is to write more blogs!!!!!! What is everyone doing this year? Tell me about it on my guestbook ^_^

EEK! It's been a whole year?! ~ 1st September 2020

I really need to use this thing more it's been over a year since my last post, dear Celestia! Things have changed! ;_; I never really know what to write when I stop and try to dump my thoughts out on here. Anon says I get some good ideas for web-apps sometimes, so maybe I could post some of those here some time? Idk...

here goiejs nothing ~ 17th November 2018

:'3 hello I decided to wwrite this blog postwhile on my first night out in ever. Anon to take me to the red dragon ((pub) earlier to get pizza and some drink and I'm kinda fmessdup. I have never really done much drinking before, but its pretty fun while with the githr person.

Anon has been asking me now for weeks to come out for a few drinks and now we're sat eating burnt pizza together outside of a poub and I am freezing but couldn't b any happierm hesaid it would do me good and he's right. This has done me fooodo he promised he'd take care of me tonight and majeure I'm saf and he ha sag done so. Idk why I'm writing this im sitbvyuiosmashed but I just don't know why I want to type this. I'm doing this on my phone andim trying to mark this up in my notes app and it's not doin g too well. I've written < p) iisnbtewad of < p^]<> so many times nwo.

I know it might kind sound of soppy but anon is the first true friend I've ever had, and I feel super lucky to have him in my life. He's done so much to help me move my life forwarff, he supports meweven when I'm anxious and unsure about things, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Idk how to explain it, but anon makes me feel normal. I mean, I know im not normal, but anon makes me feel like I'm as normal as I can be. He doesn't make me feel bad for being differen and stuff. Idk. I'm probably going tohfunmess up the format forthis post but I don't really mind. I gtt how this is super ramblinygy but I just felt like writing something whiileee this was still on my mind.


Don't mind me I'm going to go and he

Home now and have a lay down. I've had way too much to drink.

Thanks for the great night and I've loved havin some time out with my best friend :/yr3  sorryu if this post doesn't make much sense, but I'm going to post it nyway because I want to remember how I'm feeling right now forever.

Paradise out vwgy

(editing notes: oh man, I really had to think about whether I was going to actually post this or not. I'm laying on the couch right now with a swampy feeling head while wrapped in a blanket while Anon is making me some toast in the kitchen. ;-; I must have made a real ass of myself last night, because he seems really amused about something but hasn't told me what yet. Celestia help me.

Things Looking Up? ~ 25th October 2017

Ok, so I've been here for a few weeks now? I met my dorm-mate Anon on my first day and he's actually really really nice and is also studying something computing related! (idr what it is from the top of my head ;-; sorry anon). It's been nice being able to talk to someone irl about the stuff I'm interested in. My mom doesn't really understand what I do, but Anon does because he's into it as well! It's really refreshing to be able to actually talk to somepony who understands me, rambles and all ;-;

Aside from meeting my dormie, classes are well... Classes. I find some stuff a little boring (lookin at you maths and language studies, GRRR), but I really really realllllllllllly~ enjoy web design and web development. The latest versions of Photoshop kick the flank off of the ancient cracked version I'd been using back home. Earth is miles ahead of us in terms of web development, but their websites all look soooooo boring. Everything's so samey-same, but Anon says that Earth sites used to be a lot like Equestrian sites back in the 1990's and early 2000's... Interesting, but it really got me thinking about how everything here is literally a decade or more ahead of us technology wise. The internet here is absolutely unreal in terms of speed, and according to Anon the internet on-campus 'sucks ass' by his standards. It's like living in the future!

Bleeehh ~ 30th September 2017

wasn't feeling so great earlier so I deleted all of my old diary entries (think there were only 12 of them anyway?) im going to be going to university on earth later today after never really living ponyville my entire life and im really scared. my mom thinks it'll help me out 'in the long term' but i dont really think anything life changing is going to happen. ill probably just end up finishing my course, coming home and go back to working on stuff in my bedroom again. sucks, but thats just how things are i guess.

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